Crash on the water in Bonita Springs sends 2 to hospital

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bonita jet ski crash
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The Bonita Springs Fire Rescue and Control District confirms that a catamaran collided with a jet ski with two people on it.

This happened near Hickory Blvd in Bonita Springs.

Fire crews say both people on the jet ski sustained injuries, one of those being a pediatric patient.

The child was flown to Lee Memorial Hospital’s trauma center to be treated for their injuries. So far, there is no update on the condition of the child. The other person, an adult, was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Beachgoers who were out during and after the incident say that this isn’t something any family should have to go through, but especially not on Father’s Day.

Alexander Whittlesey is visiting from Connecticut. “You never want to have a situation like that especially here at a place that you come to enjoy on days like Father’s Day,” said Whittlesey.

The child received advanced life care on the beach but before Lee Flight took them to the nearest trauma center.

Lisa Santos came up from Naples. “I hope everybody is ok especially the little baby,” she said.

Julia Ahmadi is visiting from California and she was on the beach today as well. “Oh my gosh. That’s so terrible. That’s absolutely so scary,” Ahmadi said.

Ahmadi says situations like that make her nervous to let her children ride jet skis. “I wouldn’t put a child on a jet ski for sure. No. There’s no seatbelt. There’s no restrictions. I don’t think it’s a safe place for a child especially with the waves,” she said.

But, Luke Williams says he took his son jetskiing shortly before this crash happened. He and some other beachgoers say as long as you take precautions, anyone can be safe on the water.

Williams is visiting from Pennslyvania. “That’s why they tell you to stay 100 feet apart just to be safe,” he said. “We had him on the back just to make sure because if he was on the front he could smack his head on the dashboard.”

“They said stay a good distance away from all other vehicles including the other jet skis that are out there at the same time as you,” said Whittlesey. “You just need to listen to them. When they tell you these are the things you should be doing and the boat safety rules that exist, I mean they’re there for a reason.”

WINK News has not yet learned how or why this crash happened. We will continue to update you as we gain more information.

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