Families with unanswered questions in Surfside

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Again and again, everyone is being reminded of how this tragedy is affecting people, whether that be in large or small ways.

Of course, families are struggling but also the first responders care so deeply about this mission. They’ve also had mental health counseling on site. But, while everyone is processing emotions and grief, there are also unanswered questions.

Nicholas Moncada lives in another condo in Surfside. “I live on 73rd in a condo very similar to this also dealing with a very similar situation with concrete restorations and dealing with an error from the past,” Moncada said.

Philip Zyne lives in Champlain Towers North, which is just two buildings over. “That’s ours over there the north that was built about a year or two after the one that collapsed,” Zyne said. “We don’t know what happened if we knew what happened it would be so much easier to say what we’re going to do next. We don’t know what caused the building to fall.”

The Mayor of Surfside wants that building to be evacuated. Yet, he’s staying put until officials tell him he needs to leave.

Miami-Dade County’s Mayor has ordered inspections on all buildings older than 40 years.

“Yesterday, there were some inspectors that came over from the city and the county and I believe someone from even Washington was there and they did a preliminary review and they said everything appears to be okay but we need to get a full evaluation,” Zyne said.

In the meantime, he’s praying for his friends and neighbors.

“We have about five friends of our that are still there that are unaccounted for,” he said.

“Hope that they’ll miraculously come out but it’s been four days and 12 stories of concrete falling on you it’s not too hopeful,” said Zyne.

Zooming in on the building today you can see “X’s” and spray-painted numbers. Those “X’s” were also seen after Hurricane Katrina and were used by FEMA as they search the building.

This is to see that first responders went floor by floor last night and checked to see if anybody might still be in the remaining structure. The “0” by the bottom of the “X” means they didn’t find anyone on that floor.

It’s the not knowing piece that’s keeping these families with unanswered questions. They don’t know who is alive underneath that rubble and it is hurting everyone.

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