Cape Coral Lelulo’s has a new team member: Say hi to a pizza-serving robot

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The owner of Lelulo’s Pizza in Cape Coral bought a robot to help serve its customers. (CREDIT: WINK News)

One Southwest Florida business is getting creative after having a hard time hiring during the pandemic.

The owner of Lelulo’s Pizza in Cape Coral bought a robot to help serve its customers.

“It was tough getting people who wanted to work and I was trying to find ways, my current staff they work very hard, how to make their jobs a little bit easier and give them more time to work with the customers, make sure they take care of everybody,” said George Mazur, owner of Lelulo’s.

With the touch of a button, the robot brings pizzas from the kitchen to the table and the fun part is it talks.

The hard part is that Mazur hasn’t been able to name the robot. Mezur has a naming contest going on. The winner gets a $100 gift card.

The robot is not replacing servers but it is bringing a unique experience to the table. It has sensors so it can tell if something is in the way as it makes its way to the table.

“I wasn’t expecting it,” said Kelly Moser of Cape Coral. “I think it’s great for places when they’re busy to help circumvent. That it was neat, very cool.”

Dean Page agrees.

“It’s George Jetson stuff,” Dean said. “The Jetsons.”

Meghan Wollerman, who works at the restaurant, said the robot gives her more time to serve customers.

“If the robot is bringing the food, we have more time to sit and talk to the customer,” said Wollerman, a manager and server at the restaurant. “We don’t have to keep running to the window to grab the food constantly throughout the day or night.”

Mazur said the robot takes a little pressure off his employees.

“I want to make it a nice place to work,” he added.

And an interesting place to eat, too.


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