Grocery stores putting limits on certain items as supply chain issues continue

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FILE: Empty store shelves. (Credit: WINK News)

Your Thanksgiving fixings are getting harder to buy. Publix is now warning shoppers that supply chain issues and holiday demand are putting a strain on their stock.

They are putting purchase limits on some items. For each item on the list below you can only buy two per person.

  • Canned cranberry sauce
  • Jarred gravy
  • Canned pie filling
  • Canola and vegetable oil
  • Cream cheese
  • Bacon
  • Rolled breakfast sausage
  • Paper napkins
  • Disposable plates, cups, and cutlery
  • Bath tissue
  • Refrigerated snacks (Lunchable type items)
  • Sports drinks
  • Some juices (Capri Sun)
  • Canned cat food (variety packs)
  • Refrigerated pet food

It’s something we know how to deal with after the run on groceries at the beginning of the pandemic.

Now, families can gather around the table together after distancing themselves last holiday season.

Maria in Bonita Springs is hoping to take advantage of that. “Let’s concentrate on having a nice time with friends and people we love.”

Supply chain issues are impacting the shelves at the store and potentially your holiday. Some families anticipated it and bought ahead.

Jim Melson Bonita Springs’ Jim Melson is one of those people who planned ahead, “we are starting to be hoarders (laughs) because every time something goes up or changes you’re afraid they are going to run out.”

Publix says you can only grab two per person of things like jarred gravy, canned pie filling, bacon, cream cheese, cranberries and, of course, toilet paper.

Norma Golia from Bonita Springs says it’s not just Publix that is seeing supply issues. “Not only in Publix. Everywhere else. They are cutting down on tissue paper. Toilet paper every kind of paper.”

Something that could really impact large families.

“They will need to plan differently than last year when it was available,” said Maria.

That’s not stopping shoppers from looking forward to time with family and friends this holiday season.

Maria said, “Thanksgiving is a time to eat and be with friends and family. Remember the spirit of Thanksgiving.”

Winn-Dixie is also limiting customers to one turkey each to make sure all families have an opportunity to enjoy a meal.

Winn-Dixie released a statement saying:

Like other retailers, our stores aren’t immune to the current supply chain challenges. Our well-experienced supply chain team continues to update our stocking plans throughout each day to ensure that popular Thanksgiving essentials are available and on shelf for our customers this season.

We have a purchase limit of one turkey per customer to help all families have an opportunity to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal this year, and we feel confident in our ability to provide the essential items our customers need for their special feast. While we don’t have a limit on other items throughout the store, we are politely asking customers to only purchase what they need for their families while shopping for key holiday items.

Signs were created to inform customers about the limitations at the stores.

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