Family of boy missing for 15 years hasen’t lost hope their son is alive

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A family hopes they don’t go through another holiday without their son. Someone kidnapped a baby named Bryan at knife point in Fort Myers 15 years ago.

In a WINK News exclusive, his family tells us they still have hope.

Bryan’s parents are asking him to look at their faces and see if there is any resemblance.

Jurandir Gomes Costa and Maria Dossantos Gomes

He was only four weeks old when he was kidnapped. His parents have maintained a strong faith their son is still alive and that they will be reunited with him again one day.

Christmas is a painful time for Maria Dossantos Gomes and Jurandir Gomes Costa. Their son Bryan was kidnapped just weeks before what would have been his first Christmas in 2006.

“It’s worse with the kids because I don’t want to cry in front of them. So, I go to the room to cry because the kids look at me and ask, ‘mom, why are you crying?’ and I get sadder because of the questions,” said Maria.

Bryan’s parents have had two children since Bryan was abducted. They pray every day he will come back home and their family will be complete.

“The kids ask me, ‘mom, why isn’t Bryan here? You don’t know where Bryan is.’ and I tell them, ‘I don’t know. But God always knows where he’s at. And takes care of him. And I believe one day he’s going to bring him back.'”

The middle image is what Bryan could look like today at 15-years-old.

Investigators say he may soon try to get a driver’s license or permit, and using a fake birth certificate could raise a red flag.

His mom Maria said, “sometimes I feel like my life isn’t worth it because my son has disappeared. I don’t know where he’s at. I don’t if he is well. I don’t know if he’s being taken care of to grow up and be a good boy.”

His father, Jurandir, has this message for Bryan. “That person that is with him, that is not ‘Dad’. We are the parents. I’m Dad and she is Mom.”

Every time a story about Bryan runs investigators say they get numerous tips.

His parents pray one will bring their boy back home. “I ask God, ‘if it’s your will that Bryan comes back. If I don’t deserve it, do it for the siblings so they can grow up together,'” said Maria.

The lead detective told WINK News that Bryan’s mother submitted her DNA to a database called ‘family tree’. If at any point Bryan submits his own DNA it will show the match.

The above interview with Bryans’s parents was translated from Spanish to English.

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