Leaders consider repainting parking garage in downtown Fort Myers

Writer: Drew Hill
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Fort Myers city leaders are considering repainting the bright pink parking garage in downtown Fort Myers. (CREDIT: WINK News)

If you’ve been to downtown Fort Myers, you’ve likely seen the bright pink parking garage. But now, city leaders are considering repainting it.

Many visitors are, even those who frequent downtown, say they aren’t bothered by the bright colors. In fact, people say it reminds them of Florida and, it helps them, and their guests find parking.

Is it pink? Is it coral? Is it salmon? Either way, the brightly colored parking structure in downtown Fort YMers could be getting a makeover.

Ilia Ferrand lives in Lee County. “I think it looks nice. It is really a trademark of Fort Myers,” Ferrand said.

Fort Myers City Council chose the garage’s bright color. But now, the council has decided to accept bids for painters.

However, some people like the color just as it is. Jack Stoltman also lives in Lee County. “It matches the sky so beautifully. And it’s like such a Florida color,” said Stoltman.

Lee County resident Chris Pulkrabek said, “They can’t change the pink garage. It’s… It’s iconic down here.”

Some even think of it as a Fort Myers trademark. “We need to leave it the same, so we can find it. When we leave, we want to know where we’re going. But we can tell by the pink building where we park,” Sue Hielscher said.

Bonnie Daigle agrees. “It’s gotta stay pink,” said Daigle.

But some do have suggestions about what the new color could be. “In combination with a hotel, ad with all the new businesses that they have around, kind of just kind of like a palette of colors,” said Ferrand.

That could be a pricey new paint job costing anywhere between $70,000 and $80,000. And the inside of the City of Palms parking structure would also get a paint update if Fort Myers City Council approves the project.

However, residents say that the parking garage needs more than just a paint job. “Structure upgrades not… not just a paint job,” said John Ruyman.

Even though the council is getting bids, Councilman Liston Bochette says the city still needs to decide if spending the money is worth it. The need is based on other parking and road construction projects currently going on.

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