If you’re wearing glasses to read this, you’ll want to know about ‘magic eyedrops’

Reporter: Amy Oshier
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Vuity eye drops

Chances are if you’re over forty, you probably have a pair of reading glasses. As we age, blurry vision becomes part of life.

But now, the situation is clearing up for many. People call them magic eyedrops.

It’s a new FDA approved treatment that allows some patients to see up close, without glasses.

As an on-the-go business owner, Mario Moguel constantly checks his phone for messages, but as time wore on, that facet of his job became more of a chore since he had to start using reading glasses.

He said keeping track of his glasses was a hassle. “You’ve got to look for them because you’ve misplaced them all the time. And then you have to go get new ones.”

Now there’s a new solution for Moguel and millions of others in his position – eye drops.

Vuity is the first FDA approved to treat presbyopia. Which is the age-related gradual loss of the ability to see up close.

Ophthalmologist Dr. Michael Collins explained, “This particular drop is a meiotic, meaning that it makes your pupil smaller. By making your pupil smaller, it gives you increased depth of focus.”

Dr. Collins felt Moguel was an ideal candidate to benefit from the Vuity eyedrops.

He said, “This going to work best for patients aged say 40 to 55. So if you’re 65, it’s probably not going to work as well, you’ve lost too much of that flexibility of your lens, your lenses get too rigid.”

Moguel wasn’t sure what to expect. He was one of the first in Southwest Florida to try them after the FDA only approved the eyedrops late last fall.

“And I’m like wow,” Moguel said, “these things are great.”

The drops are prescription-only and used daily. One drop in each eye. The effect lasts around six hours.

Seeing is believing.

Moguel can now enjoy the freedom of living his life again without glasses. “It gives you that clarity, you know. Especially when I sit at my computer, providing proposals and emails and everything that I got to do for my business.”

The eyedrops take about 15 minutes before fine-tuning your vision.

And costs about $80 for a one-month supply.

Dr. Collins says these are just the first of a few eyedrop advancements that will improve vision in the short term.

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