Wedding ring lost at Naples Beach was found

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A wedding ring that was lost in chest-deep water sent one man into a panic. He was trying to enjoy a day at Naples Beach with his daughter. Luckily, someone was able to find that ring.

He told WINK News that he was checking online forums after losing his ring. Someone there recommended he hire a ring finder. So, he went for it.

The noise is very faint, but if you’re listening closely, you’ll hear the sound that Mark Greul heard when a wedding band was found.

Greul is what you would call a ring finder. “It’s like finding a needle in a haystack,” Greul said.

The owner of that wedding band, Daniel Tellechea, said he lost it on Friday when a wave hit him and his daughter while they were at the beach. “Next thing, you know, you know, I see her sort of, just, I picked her up. But I felt my ring strip off immediately,” Tellechea said.

“Knowing that you’re probably not going to get it back, at least that feeling? Yeah, it is pretty devastating,” said Tellechea.

So, he hired Greul, and Greul got to work immediately. “When I got the call from Daniel, he indicated that he had lost Arriving at about 6 p.m. on Friday. So, I immediately went into my app and took a look at the tide graph,” said Greul. “And you can see little bubble right there. It says it was almost at high tide.”

The most remarkable part of the story is that Greul was able to find the ring solely using the information that Tellechea provided.

“He was actually able to use the data that I’ve given him the data that provided him and just use that to sort of scour,” Tellechea said.

“He would actually send me photos of him inside the water, a point of view, and you know, confirming, hey, you know, that’s exactly the location where I was at,” said Tellechea.

Six hours later, the ring was recovered in the water. “I just couldn’t believe it. You know, my family and I were thrilled,” Tellechea said.

Daniel Tellechea got his ring back on Tuesday and said he’s never taking it off again unless he’s going into the water.

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