Cape Coral considering parking fees at Yacht Club

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Beachgoers enjoy the water at Cape Coral Yacht Club Friday, July 23, 2021. Credit: WINK News.

You could soon have to pay to park at the Cape Coral Yacht Club. It is an idea proposed for new ways to fund the expensive yacht club renovation project, and the only solution so far proposed.

No matter the weather, people still come out to the Cape Coral Yacht Club, set up their beach chairs, and take in the view.

Tom Wolansky enjoys simple things, starting with convenience. “It won’t kill the whole day going through traffic to get here,” said Wolansky.

Sometimes it does take time to find a place to park. That’s one reason why Cape Coral has planned renovations at the yacht club, including a new parking garage.

When it opens, parking may no longer be free. The city is floating a $2 an hour charge.

“It would be painful. Eight to $10 a day that we came here. We’d have to think about it. We might ride bikes,” said Denise Frederick.

If the city council gives its OK, the parking revenue would be used to pay for the parking garage and other planned renovations. It is all part of a proposed financing plan where the city pays off the $60 million costs over the course of 20 years.

“Our desire as a council is we don’t want to use general fund monies if we don’t have to. So if we can be creative in some other fashion in order to pay for the improvements, you know, we want to at least take a look at it,” said Cape Coral Mayor John Gunter.

If approved, it frees up $10.9 million in GO bonds that will help pay for other park projects in the works like the Yellow Fever Creek Preserve. A project affected by significant cost inflation, with the bid going from $3.9 million to more than $6 million.

“We know two million right there for one park. It was over and above what we had budgeted for. So that 10.9 would be allocated throughout the parks,” said Gunter.

Nothing has been decided yet, but if the city charges for parking, that won’t detract Fredrick from coming out here during her visits. “We have to pay for parking because what other beach is here? Nothing,” said Fredrick.

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