Some in Cape Coral are glad the yacht club improvements have been delayed

Reporter: Gail Levy Writer: Matthew Seaver
Cape Coral Yacht Club is set to get an upgrade. (CREDIT: WINK News)

Construction is on hold at the Cape Coral Yacht Club, so people are still enjoying it this summer.

The yacht club was supposed to close in April to allow the improvements to begin, but the project has stalled without permits.

Some people in Cape Coral are happy with the delay. They’re glad the Army Corps of Engineers is overloaded with permit requests.

Renovations can’t begin until the feds are sure endangered animals won’t be affected or harmed by construction.

In the meantime, the beach is open for people to enjoy during the hottest time of the year.

A beach day with the family is the perfect day for Joseph Fannon. “Oh, I love this place. Summertime is a great time of the year for me down here,” said Fannon.

Fannon’s daughter and grandson are visiting from Michigan and get to enjoy the beach.

Back in January, they thought it wouldn’t be possible. The city planned to shut down the yacht club in April for renovations scheduled to take two years.

Cape Coral Yacht Club plans. (Credit: Cape Coral Yacht Club)

The project is on hold because Cape Coral is still waiting for permits from the Army Corps of Engineers.

“It’s not bad because my grandson is here. And he gets into this wonderful beach, which I love,” said Fannon.

Phil Benyola is also still enjoying the beach because of the permit delays. “Oh, I’m delighted because I was afraid that we wouldn’t be using the beach all summer. So, yeah, I was glad it was delayed,” Benyola said.

He’s still excited to see a bigger beach area, a new parking garage, restrooms, and a new seawall because he’s seen a beach go from rags to riches before.

“I mean, it reminds me of when the pier was torn down and St. Pete. Nobody wanted that to happen, either. But now it’s a gorgeous place. They’ve really done a good job. So I’m hoping they do the same here,” said Benyola.

That’s the hope for most people living in Cape Coral, but until the permits come, the beach is open for business.

“I like it down here, and now that I’m here, you couldn’t get me out of here,” said Fannon.

The city has no idea when construction will begin because the Army Corps doesn’t know when their assessment will be done.

This isn’t the only project on hold. The Tropicana and Crystal Lake Park projects are also on pause due to permit delays.

Once the permit is good to go for the yacht club, Cape Coral will give everyone a 60-day notice.

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