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Meet Florida’s oldest poll worker: 101-year-old Vera Craig

Reporter: Tiffany Rizzo Writer: Melissa Montoya
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The lifelong motto of Florida’s oldest poll worker is “keep busy.”

Centenarian Vera Craig is spending primary day at the Lee County Elections Center, as she has done every day for 20 years. According to Lee County Supervisor of Elections Tommy Doyle, Craig, at 101, is the oldest worker at the polls in the State of Florida.

Craig looks forward to Election Day. She likes to meet new people and see old friends.

Craig said she doesn’t consider what she does as work because she likes it so much.

“You see old acquaintances. You know, sometimes it’s people you only see at elections,” Craig said.

Making friends is something Craig is good at, bringing her neighbor Janica Gucwa along to work the polls with her this year.

At 101, Vera Craig is Florida’s oldest poll worker. (CREDIT: WINK News)
“I had to see it for myself. So yeah, it’s amazing that she does that she will this morning she says let’s go and do our civic duty,” Gucwa said.

Craig’s civic duty also includes voting herself.

“It’s part of life, everybody should want to vote. I mean, how can you complain about something if you haven’t voted for it,” Craig said.

Even though Craig is a poll worker that is not all she does to keep busy.

She spends time with her kids, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

At 101, Vera Craig is Florida’s oldest poll worker. (CREDIT: Courtesy)

“My favorite thing to do, read a book,” Craig said.

When you live to be triple digits, change is a constant theme.

“Voting is not the same today as they were 20 years ago. I mean, everything in life has changed,” Craig said.

Gucwa describes Craig “as a little spitfire.”

“She’s got a great sense of humor,” Gucwa said. “She’s always positive. Nothing can stop her. I mean, she lives on the fourth floor. And she walks down four flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator. She won’t go up. She still plays bingo. She reads. She gets around without any device at all. She just is just amazing.”

Craig promises to be back working the polls in November for the General Election.

“If I’m still here. Yes. Why not?”