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Cape Coral PD helping you turn away unwanted visitors

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The Cape Coral Police Department is partnering with the city to help you turn unwanted visitors away.

CCPD and Cape Coral City are handing out bright yellow door hangers that can be recognized from the street to let solicitors know to skip your house.

People can get the door hangers from the Cape Coral Police Department or inside City Hall.

The hangers are free and available to all cape coral neighbors.

Julie Jacoby is a Cape Coral resident that works from home and depends on quiet so she can concentrate on her patients, so when she hears someone knocking, it’s a problem.

It’s one thing when it’s a neighbor, it’s something else when it’s someone selling something.

“I’m a mental health counselor. And so, I’ll be in the middle of a session on video with a client. Some of them actually knock very aggressively. And now I’m stuck,” Jakoby said.

Jack Holt doesn’t mind when someone knocks on his door.

He doesn’t get many solicitors and when he does he says it’s no trouble.

“I’ll get the people that want to do the coconut removal. And they’ll just show up randomly. I will still address them. But sometimes we’ll go who’s at the door is it a UPS man, is it the post office,” Holt said.

The City of Cape Coral knows some solicitors are starting to get out of hand.

The current ordinance says solicitors must have a permit and must leave the property if asked.

Jakoby said that doesn’t always happen.

“I’ve had one argue with me. Yeah, he’s still tried to keep going with the sales pitch. And I thought, are you kidding me? I’m clearly annoyed,” Jakoby said.

To help people like Jakoby, the city is offering simple signs to anyone who wants one.

Holt said he may put one on his door to hopefully stop a problem before it starts.

“You know, I’m not opposed to it,” Holt said.

If you live in Cape Coral and an unwanted solicitor knocks on your door call the police department’s non-emergency number to report them.

If you live somewhere other than the Cape Coral, check with your police department or sheriff’s office to find out what the rules are.

The city hopes these simple signs will send a message to solicitors, do not knock on this person’s door.