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Suspicious package on Mistletoe Court in Marco Island deemed safe

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The Marco Island Police Department investigated a suspicious package at a home on Mistletoe Court on Wednesday.

Police say the bomb squad checked two packages at a home and determined there was no threat. They say both boxes had footwear that tested negative for biological substances.

Marco Island police evacuated nearby homes while they investigated.

The police department says two packages were delivered to the victim’s home by two different companies.

According to Marco Island police, the United States Postal Service says this is a common attempt to get money from people by getting them to pay for items they did not buy.

A serious response was made by Marco Island officials, sending in Marco Island police, fire, and a bomb squad. An absolutely massive presence with multiple agencies responding to the Misletoe Ct. home.

WINK News safety and security specialist, Rich Kolko shared some thoughts about what you should do if this happens to you.

“If you pick up the phone and call them which you’re really doing is you’re just providing that personal information which may victimize you additionally down the road to some of these scammers,” said Kolko. “You’re going to give them your name, you’re going to give them your address, they’re going to have your phone number, those are the building blocks that the scammers want to continue to scam you. Their goal separates you from your money and your personal information.”

Kolko said calling 911 is not always the answer there are a number of ways to identify if a package really is suspicious.

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