How your technology and subscriptions could be costing you money

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Every cent counts right now, especially with inflation being the highest it’s been in decades.

Gas, groceries, and housing prices are soaring, and it’s impossible not to spend money on the essentials.

“An extra one hundred on gas, and then, with rent increases, it’s like $500,” said one person.

You could be wasting money unnecessarily through your electronics. A free trial sounds like a great way to try out a new streaming service until you forget to cancel.

A Chase Bank study found that 71% of those who took part wasted more than $50 a month on unwanted subscription fees. The moment you sign up, mark your calendar when the trial ends.

You can’t stream that movie without the internet, and renting a router from your provider is also a waste of money. If you rent it for $10 a month, buying one for about $100 can pay for itself in less than a year.

Is an extended warranty actually worth it? It may not be, especially if tech support isn’t included. Your credit card might extend protection to devices from damage and theft at no additional cost if you used that card to buy it.

Apps like Rocket Money, formerly known as TrueBill, DoNotPay, and Track My Subs, can help you keep track of your subscriptions and even cancel the ones you forgot about for you.

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