Stores in Southwest Florida are busy keeping items in stock

Reporter: Asha Patel Writer: Jasmine Singletary
Employees restocking shelves for Tropical Storm Ian (CREDIT: WINK News)

Employees at stores in Southwest Florida have been working hard to make sure shelves are stocked.

Florida is under a State of Emergency for a potential hurricane and it’s safe to say people are preparing for this some items in stores like Walmart are almost sold out.

Bottled water, nonperishable foods like crackers and cereal, and essential items are on the top of people’s grocery lists while preparing for the storm.

Jessie Caldwell, shopping for hurricane supplies said, “It’s not completely stocked up but trying to get here and there. I’m a caregiver so I’m always out here. Today’s the only day off, so I’m trying to get stuff.”

WINK News went from store to store to take a look at how the shelves at Walmart were looking, items like water are completely out, as well as bread and baby formula.

Store employees said they are expecting a shipment of bottled water Sunday evening, so there is still time to stock up.

At Lowes, employees are making things easier for customers by putting generators on carts so they’ll be ready to go.

Sue Singleton, shopping for hurricane supplies said, “I saw the panic on people’s faces, people are getting panicky about it.”

Singleton said she, herself is panicking but she is prepared and just grabbing last-minute items and things for her grandkids.

“I got two grandboys if the tv goes out I got a DVD in my garage I saw so I thought id get something for them,” Singleton said.

If you are preparing for a potential hurricane for the first time, a few things to keep in mind are to have an evacuation plan and talk it over with everyone living in your home.

Make sure important documents are kept safe so they don’t get damaged if your house does flood. Also have enough bottled water, a first aid kit, and nonperishable foods.

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