Cape Coral police cracking down on ATV drivers

Reporter: Samantha Johns Writer: Paul Dolan

Cape Coral police officers are working to keep neighborhoods safe by working on a joint operation to stop people from driving ATVs illegally.

It isn’t a new problem in the area because ATVs are mostly spotted zooming around at night.

An empty lot along Chiquita Boulevard is where many of those drive through with ATVs.

Neighbors, like Eric Shelman, told WINK News they don’t mind the drivers, but they do worry about their safety.

Private property and no trespassing signs are all over the vacant lot, but despite the warnings, neighbors said ATV drivers are there almost every night.

No trespassing sign in Cape Coral. CREDIT: WINK News

“We hear them. Sometimes they’re very loud because they have music playing and stuff, and they have coolers in the back,” Shelman said.

It’s a problem that Cape PD won’t tolerate anymore.

Legally you aren’t allowed to drive an ATV or UTV (utility terrain vehicle) anywhere within city limits unless it’s on your property.

Utility terrain vehicle. CREDIT: WINK News

To stop them, Shelman said landowners built hills.

“You can see it’s got grass and stuff on it now. But they like running in the grass because that’s, I guess, more fun,” Shelman said.

But Cape PD doesn’t feel the same way.

In a Facebook post, they said ATV drivers create safety hazards and violate the rules of the road.

Moving forward, they’ll be pulling people over and enforcing citations.

Which Shelman isn’t opposed to, but he feels it’s not his responsibility to report them.

“I’m just the neighbor who’s going to be fine with it, and if they want to crack down on ’em, they can crack down on ’em,” Shelman said.

The enforcement will also apply to drivers found on roads unless it is street legal with a valid license and registration.

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