Man facing DUI charges after driving truck through child’s bedroom wall

Reporter: Annalise Iraola Writer: Matthew Seaver

Cape Coral police say an intoxicated driver left a gaping hole in a child’s bedroom wall when he crashed into the house while the 12-year-old boy was sleeping.

The boy has a cut on his leg and some scratches, but he’s doing well.

Police say the driver put his F-350 truck into reverse and slammed right into the bedroom of the 12-year-old boy at 2:15 in the morning.

The Cape Coral family of five was sound asleep in their home until a horrendous sound jolted Alexandria Olsen awake.

“It just sounded like a transformer blew as loud as it can, right next to our bed, and we got up when we were screaming. My husband went to go check in on the kids’ rooms,” said Olsen.

Their 12-year-old was sound asleep, his bed covered in pieces of drywall and broken cinderblock.

12-year-old’s bed after truck crashed through wall. (Credit: WINK News)

“There was so much rubble and dust filling the room. He actually made it through the wall to see what happened,” Olsen said.

Cape Coral police say a drunk driver crashed into the child’s room. They say the driver is George King. Officers arrested him on the scene, but his arrest doesn’t change how Olsen feels about what happened.

George King. (credit: Lee County Sheriff’s Office)

“It is awful. It is the worst feeling. It’s the worst feeling knowing that your kid has to sleep back in here. Like, the person lives right across the street from us. You know? Like, is it going to happen again? How do you prevent that? How do you stop that?” said Olsen.

Patrick Olsen helped clear the debris from his son’s room to start rebuilding the wall where their son’s gaming desk and chair used to be.

“We are so lucky. You know, he only had scratches, bruises. I’m sure he’ll probably feel more tomorrow. I think it’s traumatic for everybody. I think it’s mental more than anything. So you were really lucky,” Olsen said.

Olsen said the family has lived in the house for 12 years and has never felt so unsafe, but she truly feels someone was watching over her little boy and is just happy he’s safe.

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