Fort Myers Beach sunset watch party provides glimmer of hope

Reporter: Jolena Esperto Writer: Jolena Esperto
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Those who attended the sunset watch party in Times Square admired a lot more than just the sunset. They admired the resiliency of this island and enjoyed the sunset as if this island was untouched by a hurricane.

The people of Fort Myers Beach always knew how to throw a party. If anything, they know now more than ever.

 “It’s okay that there’s concrete sitting next to us that’s all banged up. It’s the people and the music,” said Cheryl Walz, resident of Fort Myers Beach.

Even the people visiting the area for the sunset watch party don’t seem to mind that the island is still a work in progress.

“It is kind of destroyed, but its not all the way destroyed. I think they’re gonna get it rebuilt all the way,” said Kellen Mcknight, while visiting grandparents during spring break.

Kris Kuechel said she and her husband tried to look for another place to live after Hurricane Ian destroyed their home.

“We looked at different areas of Florida and nothing else felt right. We’re back here,” she said.

So the people of Fort Myers Beach will wait patiently as they get their home back.

“It’s my second home. Actually, some day it will be my first home,” said Dale Herzot, seasonal resident on Fort Myers Beach,

“It’s gonna be a new life, new beginning. It’s just gonna be rejuvenating for everybody. It’s still going to be a great place to come,” said Jim Hogg, seasonal resident on Fort Myers Beach.

“People are pitching in and helping each other, and they’re working with each other together instead of being entitled to having somebody do it for them. So it’s just a beautiful thing,” said Claudia Span, Fort Myers Beach resident.

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