The Weather Authority Hurricane Guide for 2023

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The time to get ready for hurricane season is now. When a storm is nearing Southwest Florida, it’s far too late to prepare.

Hurricane season runs from June 1 to Nov. 30, and you should be prepared for a major storm to strike Southwest Florida at any time during that period. We always hope for a mild, inactive hurricane season, but anyone who has been through any hurricane of any strength will tell you it’s an experience they don’t want to revisit. And, while Hurricane Ian was hopefully a once-in-100-years storm, the scars it left across Southwest Florida attest to the power of any storm to bring destructive winds, flooding and storm surge that can reduce homes to rubble, smash trees into toothpicks, disrupt lives and turn entire communities into disaster areas.

The 2023 WINK News Hurricane Guide is written to help you and your family avoid those types of calamities. Assembled by WINK News, The Weather Authority, this guide is designed specifically to help you prepare in advance for the upcoming hurricane season. Keep a copy of the 2023 WINK News Hurricane Guide handy throughout the coming hurricane season so that you can plan to protect your family, home and property. This guide will help you understand the types of supplies you will need and how to create a communication plan, an evacuation strategy and how to deal with the physical, emotional and financial effects of a hurricane.

The most important thing you can take from this guide is that making comprehensive preparations and taking preventative measures ahead of time can make a huge difference when it comes to safely surviving a hurricane. Planning ahead and staying informed and alert will help you, your family and your friends successfully make it through another hurricane season.

The 2023 WINK News Hurricane Guide has been assembled for you. Please use it to keep yourself, your family and your property safe and sound.

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