Jeremy Wells, Fort Myers golf instructor, competing in the PGA Championship

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Jeremy Wells spends most of his time on the links in Fort Myers, but it’s time for him to pack his clubs and compete at Oak Hill in the PGA Championship.

Wells, 32, dedicated his life to the sport and has swung the clubs every day since high school.

“I’ve always tried to learn from the smartest people in the game. To observe the best players and apply it to myself in a reasonable way,” Wells said.

Jeremy Wells holding his follow-through. CREDIT: WINK News

For Wells, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime and a dream come true to compete against the best golfers at the PGA Championship.

“I’ve absolutely dreamed of playing in a major my whole life,” Wells said.

Wells finished in seventh place at the PGA Professional Championship in New Mexico. But all it would have taken was a top-ten finish to lock himself in the PGA Championship.

“An hour before my run of great play the last day. I was in 50-some-odd place and would’ve came home. Would’ve been a good trip but that would’ve been it right, Wells said. “I mean I had trouble talking for the first 20 minutes or so after I played. Everything just hit me.”

Wells is also the director of player development at Cypress Lake Golf Club in Fort Myers, returning home as a hero. Wells will be one of 20 pro golfers competing at Oak Hill in the tournament.

“As an instructor, it’s important to test your game in competition. You stand by your advice. Know what works what doesn’t while there’s no better competition than a major championship,” Wells said.

Jeremy Wells lining up his shot. CREDIT: WINK News

“It’s always been kind of a driver a goal of mine to have them see me in action on the biggest stage. Typically I just wake up from whatever I’m dreaming about, and then I just go to work. Now when I wake up, I still get to look forward to this,” Wells said.

Wells is going to New York on Saturday to start preparing for next week’s PGA Championship. Regardless of the outcome, Wells will tell the story of living his dream for the rest of his life.

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