Naples ranks as 37th most expensive place to raise kids, study shows

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Any parent can tell you: raising a child is expensive.

A new study shows parts of Southwest Florida are among the most expensive places to raise kids.
And right now, with it being summer, those costs could easily creep up.

Naples is ranked 37 among the most expensive places to raise a child, according to Smart Asset.

And parents believe it.

With a high cost of living, it’s no surprise that Naples made Smart Asset’s list of the most expensive places to raise a child.

“We moved from Indiana, and we definitely had to downsize to be able to get a place here,” said Eddie Shmukler, a Naples dad of three. “But we’re very happy … we spend most of the time outside.”

A lot of parents said that making use of parks and facilities, which are free to the public, is really helping them.

“I see a lot in this park, single moms who come here, just because they can’t afford to take their kids, you know, to higher-end things,” said Larissa Beltre, a Naples mother of two.

Taking your kids to the park may be one of the only affordable activities this summer.

“And it’s sad that higher-end things is just a museum or it’s extracurricular activity that should be more affordable,” Beltre said.

And the Shmukler family would know about those summer extracurriculars.

“We do a basketball camp for them and tennis, and we’re trying to get them ready for next year,” Shmukler said, “so we’re getting them some help with tutors. So, yes, it’s hard to keep them busy.”

When it comes to choosing activities for your kids, FGCU economist Victor Claar recommends to give your kids options that include less expensive choices.

“Sometimes you can lay out a choice, and you might be surprised that sometimes they pick the thing that’s less expensive,” Claar said.

Claar also said that monthly budgeting is a trick that never gets old.

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