Attorney of suspect arrested for 2 hit-and-runs contests charges at hearing

Reporter: Tiffany Rizzo Writer: Rachel Murphy
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The accused bikini-clad, hit-and-run suspect from Lehigh Acres was scheduled to be in court Wednesday but will now appear Thursday.

According to the judge, more time was needed to collect evidence after Amber Jean Tremblay was arrested for hitting an ATV rider with a Dodge Challenger before crashing her getaway car.

Tremblay went to court Wednesday morning with her attorney, Aaron O’Brien. O’Brien said that there’s no evidence that shows his client was driving the car that hit an ATV in Lehigh Sunday night.

“The witnesses say they saw the female in the pink bikini step out of the Challenger and begin yelling and screaming, but they don’t say they saw her in the driver’s seat or driving the vehicle,” O’Brien said.

O’Brien did acknowledge a video going around that shows Tremblay after she allegedly crashed into the ATV sitting in the driver’s seat of a black Challenger, but the video was shot after the crash.

His response to the statements his client made in the video is as follows, “She allegedly replied, ‘You could have almost killed him too. Are you serious? He was speeding.’ [It] doesn’t mean she was the driver.”

Even if she was driving the suspect car, O’Brien wondered how there could be a reckless driving charge.

“The car and the ATV collided with each other. There are estimates of speed. One said 60 miles an hour, one 66, speed alone is usually not enough for reckless driving, and here I would argue it’s not. There’s no speed limit,” O’Brien said.

He said there is no speed limit because the crash occurred on a dirt road with no marked lanes.

The state argued, “Given the type of area it is, it’s a recreational area with a lot of children. ATVs could be reckless for the environment that she’s in.”

O’Brien also disputed the second hit-and-run charge stemming from a crash nearby. He said again, there’s no proof his client was behind the wheel.

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