Pat Chambers’ 5 pillars of success for FGCU men’s basketball

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A new season is on the horizon for Pat Chambers, Florida Gulf Coast University’s second-year head coach for their men’s basketball team.

When it comes to leadership, the FGCU men’s basketball team has five rules they abide by.

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5 pillars of success for FGCU men’s basketball. CREDIT: WINK News

“Everything’s in threes. That’s how people remember everything, and I questioned that because I felt like this generation wants more answers. They want to know the whys to everything,” said Chambers.

Faith, accountability, passion, humility and gratitude are showcased in the team’s office, with attitude at its root, because that’s the foundation of all those leadership qualities. That comes from Chambers, the man in charge of the Eagles men’s basketball team.

“That’s your map for success. I tell recruits, this might not be for you, this might not be for you. However, take a picture of those pillars because that’s a map for success,” said Chambers.

Attitude for Chambers stretches beyond his program, it’s the guiding mantra to his life.

For Pat Chambers, all other principles for success spring from attitude. CREDIT: WINK News

That’s because the leadership principals came after a near-death experience where Chambers got stabbed.

“After being in the hospital for a few days, not leaving my house for almost 12 months. It was a total mindset,” said Chambers, “and it had to be a total mindset change to, this is what we’re gonna do moving forward. It’s time to start living again.”

For Chambers, being a victim is never an option. His greatest hope is more than wins, it’s always all about his leadership principles.

“If I can impact them with a map for success with these pillars, share with them my near-death experiences and other experiences, they’re going to be armed and dangerous for life,” said Chambers. “They’re gonna be ready to go. They’re gonna go through it. They’re gonna be ready to go.”

The Eagles start their second season under head coach Chambers in early November.

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