Tipping Tension: How much should you tip when going out?

Reporter: Tiffany Rizzo Writer: Nicholas Karsen
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Tipping culture has exploded within recent years, and 20% gratuity doesn’t seem to be the gold standard anymore.

Bloomberg says the expectation for decent service seems to have risen from the generic 15% to 20%. Now they say the new rules for tipping mean those in the service industry are expecting 20% to 25%.

Bankrate claims the recommended tipping percentage for wait staff at a sit-down restaurant should range from 15% to 20%. If the service is poor—they recommend you leave at least 10%.

With that much variance, many people are left confused about the correct tipping amount when going out.

Another point of contention is whether people should tip on fast food purchases.

Bankrate said tips are unnecessary at fast food restaurants, yet tipping for coffee is a common practice at around 10%-15% or about $1 per coffee.

The amount one should tip when going out will depend on the quality of service given. People generally agree that better service yields a better tip and the inverse for lousy service.

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