18-month-long ding dong ditch scheme plagues Fort Myers homeowner

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A family has reached their limit with a group of kids disrupting their peace and quiet with ding dong ditch. For over a year, kids wearing ski masks have been pounding on their door and at times even trying to kick it down.

All this time later, what started as a harmless prank could lead to serious repercussions.

If someone was banging on your door and ran once, you may feel annoyed. A handful of times could lead to some aggravation. However, if it happened on and off for 18 long months, you might feel apprehensive and even scared.

A Fort Myers family said kids in ski masks wake them up in the middle of the night, pounding on or trying to kick in their front door. They thought it was all over when they stopped showing up during the Summer, but since school’s back, they followed suit.

ding dong ditch
Kid running away after ding dong ditch. CREDIT: WINK News

Despite surveillance video, the family said they have no clue who the kids are or why they’re targeting them specifically. Neighbors of the victims feel for what the family is having to endure.

“Sometimes you hear a loud thud. You don’t know what it is. Do you think someone’s trying to break into your house? It’s very disturbing. It’s dangerous,” said Kevin, the homeowner.

“If we get it down here, we have a Ring on our doorbell, and I would immediately give that to the police, so they could see what they could do about it,” said Herb Fry, a neighbor to the family.

That’s exactly what Fort Myers police want, for anyone who has information to call them.

Other homeowners along the same stretch of McGregor Boulevard reported similar instances of ding dong ditch in June.

It’s possible this is part of a larger TikTok trend called the door-knocking challenge.

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