SWFL man shares his experience while in war-torn Jerusalem

Reporter: Claire Galt
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The attacks in Israel are affecting people around the world, including here in Southwest Florida. WINK News talked with a local man who is currently in Jerusalem.

WINK News got in touch with Bob Vinakoor from Fort Myers. When he’s not here, he’s in Israel, and now he’s caught in a war zone.

“Schools are canceled. You’ll see people in the synagogue or on the street, and they’ve got a pistol. It’s eerie, almost how quiet it is in Jerusalem, and we’re the lucky ones because we’re that far from the real war that’s going on,” Vinakoor said.

He splits his time between Fort Myers and Jerusalem. He and his girlfriend Mindy have dual citizenship. They arrived in the Holy Land a week ago.

On Saturday, Hamas fighters crossed from Gaza into Israel and started kidnapping, torturing and killing people.

“It’s just horrendous what Hamas has done. You know, it’s one thing to take an army against army or militants against militants, but these are innocent civilians,” Vinakoor said.

Vinakoor said his girlfriend’s son has been called to fight. They don’t know where he is or whether he’s safe.

“Mindy is very concerned about it. Our daughter-in-law is concerned. They have a couple of young kids, but ’til they hear from them, they just worry,” Vinakoor said.

As for Vinakoor, he said he and Mindy take shelter a few times a day.

When they hear the siren go off, they know a missile is headed their way.

But Vinakoor said the fear in Jerusalem is nothing compared to the evil acts of brutality against his brothers and sisters near Gaza.

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