Florida gas prices on track to being the lowest in 2023, here are some helpful fuel tips

Writer: Nicholas Karsen
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Florida gas prices fell again last week and are poised to set a new 2023 low, as the state average dropped 10 cents a gallon, last week.

According to AAA, Sunday’s gas price average was $3.23 per gallon, which makes it in line with the lowest daily average price since early March.

The state average has mostly declined for the past 34 days. During that time, the state average declined a total of 46 cents per gallon.

A map of the average price per gallon of gasoline in Florida compared to the national average. Credit: AAA

Here are some helpful tips to conserve gasoline usage:

  • Limit weight on board— every 100 pounds added to a car reduces fuel economy by 2%
  • Don’t Speed—keeping a consistent speed below 50 mph can improve mileage by 7-14%
  • Shop around—Search around for stations with the best gas prices, the most convenient is not always the best choice
  • Keep tires properly inflated—making sure they’re properly inflated can improve gas mileage by up to 3%
  • Don’t let your car idle—Your car does consume gasoline while idling, so if you’re not going anywhere, be sure to shut off the engine.
  • Combine trips—Planning can alleviate headaches and save money. Combine your trips so everything is done in one ride.

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