Mother asks Lee County School District for safer bus stops

Reporter: Claire Galt Writer: Matias Abril
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A mother is asking the Lee County School District to change a bus stop to make it safer for her son and other children.

Megan Shaw said that cars speed by on this busy road every day.

Shaw sends her 5-year-old out to Sumerlin Road, where the speed limit is 45 miles per hour.

Waiting with Oliver at the bus stop terrifies Shaw.

“There’s been numerous times where he’s getting on the bus, and cars are just flying down. Summerlin not stopping because they think it’s three lanes or four lanes. They don’t have to,” Shaw said.

The Shaw family lives in Venetian Pointe, a gated neighborhood, but Oliver’s bus stop is a good hike away in a patch of grass off Summerlin Road, where the speed limit is 45 MPH.

“There’s no curb, nothing, so if somebody were to get in an accident, or swerve, or do whatever, there’s nothing to stop them,” Shaw said.

She said she has traded emails with Lee County Schools, the transportation department, and the school board.

“The head of the department came out. He looked at the stop. He said it’s perfectly safe,” Shaw said.

She said this was unacceptable, so she returned to the school board with Oliver.

“I want them to think of him as a real person. When you’re looking at a small, little 5-year-old, it’s harder to say no. I mean, no, you shouldn’t have a safe bus stop. Tell my kid that please tell him that you don’t care about his life,” Shaw said.

She hopes the Lee County School District acts before someone gets hurt or worse.

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