Gun and turkey offered for roofing service

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A new roof, a free turkey, and a brand new AR-15. That is the deal one company is offering its customers.

Roof E-Z, a roofing contractor in Cape Coral, put a post on their Facebook page offering a deal they call the Roof and Gobble special, which starts on Wednesday.

If you buy a roof, you get the turkey and gun with the purchase. You are required to pick up the gun at Shoot Center in Cape Coral.

“Everybody needs an AR-15,” said Jason Polly, president of Roof E-Z. “Every homeowner needs to have an AR-15 to protect their family, and everybody thinks it stands for assault rifle. It doesn’t. It’s [an] Armalite rifle, so I know we’re gonna get some kickback on, ‘Hey, you’re giving away AR-15 guns?’ Well, we’d like to promote gun safety for your entire family.”

The post quickly racked up shares, but not everyone is a fan.

The post quickly racked up shares, but not everyone is thrilled with the post. One is Patti Brigham, president of Prevent Gun Violence Florida.

“Why would a business want to give away AR-15s? To those getting a new roof? What is the purpose of that? It is a destructive thing to do. That business is just adding to a culture of gun violence. The AR-15 is the choice of mass shooters,” she said.

Brigham said more than 600 people have been killed in mass shootings in the U.S. so far this year.

“Support American family values by adding more AR-15s weapons of war into the public stream. I mean, that is not a family value at all. Family values are about love and acceptance, and forgiveness, not arming the public even further with these military style firearms. It’s sick,” she said.

Roof Ez’s deal does require the person getting the AR-15 to legally obtain the gun by fulfilling all legal requirements.

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