Bonita Springs man’s family escapes from Gaza war zone

Reporter: Claire Galt Writer: Rachel Murphy
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family in Gaza
Emilee’s family (CREDIT: WINK News)

Developing now, Emilee Rauschenberger and her five children finally escaped Gaza on Thursday. They crossed the border, leaving the war zone behind.

They escaped and managed to get on a bus to Cairo, Egypt.

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Emilee Rauschenberger and her five children have been stuck in Gaza for weeks, struggling to get home.

Her father, John Rauschenberger, who lives in Bonita Springs is working to get his family home safely. He sets an alarm for every hour of the day to try and call them.

“The conversations are so short, and so spotty. As you know, we tried to call her twice, FaceTime her twice, you just never know when you’re gonna get through,” John said.

John came to WINK News Wednesday afternoon in hopes his daughter might finally escape Gaza. The world watched a video of foreign nationals cross the Egyptian border, and in the line was Emilee and her family.

Emilee and her family (CREDIT: WINK News)

“They only posted evacuation lists for Scandinavian countries for some reason, Finland, Sweden, Norway,” John told WINK News. Emilee did not mention Americans.

“We subsequently got a confirmation from a DC lobbying firm that we’ve connected with that works directly with the Egyptian embassy. They’re indicating that they’ll probably get an opportunity to evacuate in the next two days,” said John.

When WINK News asked if they have enough water and food, John said his family isn’t starving yet, but he would not want them there for a couple more weeks.

“I told the kids that we’re gonna have an early Christmas, that as soon as they get out pops is going to meet them, and bringing them early Christmas presents,” John said.

John Rauschenberger gave WINK News an update on the situation, Emilee and her five children are on the U.S. list of roughly 595 people to evacuate Gaza on Thursday. Her husband is not on the list as he is a United Kingdom citizen and will likely be included in the U.K. list on Friday.

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