Resident ‘harassing’ neighbors at Goodlette Arms Apartment

Reporter: Annette Montgomery Writer: Rachel Murphy
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Residents at Goodlette Arms Apartment said a neighbor is harassing them by leaving notes, dropping things in front of their doors and making rude hand gestures.

Neighbors call the behavior harassment. They said he likes to flash his middle finger at people and leave trash in front of doors. The neighbors said it’s been going on for years.

“It’s gotten to the point that he turns aggressive with the person that happens to be there. And this hasn’t happened once, it’s happened on several occasions,” said one resident.

Neighbors say they’ve gone to management and asked deputies from the Collier County Sheriff’s Office to come out. But so far, it appears that the man has done nothing criminal.

WINK News asked Retired FBI Agent Bob Foley what the neighbors can do. He said they can take him to court.

“What an injunction would do is it would create a court order, which would stop the harassment that is allegedly taking place. In order to get an injunction, what has to be shown is that there is willful, malicious, and repeated harassment,” said Foley.

If the person doesn’t follow a judge’s order, that is a crime.

A spokesperson for Goodlette Arms said, “We’re committed to fostering a safe and supportive community. We expect all of our residents to treat each other with dignity and respect.”

WINK News tried to talk to the man neighbors say is harassing them, but no one answered the door.

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