Couple accused of having sex on Naples Pier could face felony charges

Reporter: Justin Kase
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A couple was caught having sex in broad daylight on the Naples pier.

Police said a group of kids saw the couple in the act and asked their family what was happening.

An attorney we spoke with expects the charges to get upgraded to felonies, which could land the two on the sex offender registry.

It happened on Memorial Day, around 4:30 p.m., and 20-year-old Allyssia Razo and 23-year-old Zadok Westfield were involved.

After receiving calls from beachgoers, police arrived to find Razo and Westfield in the middle of the act.

After shouting out to the couple to stop, police said they could see Westfield “completely nude,” and they saw Razo adjust her swimsuit to cover herself before jumping off the pier to try and swim away from cops.

“That’s beyond like indecent exposure or any of that. That’s kind of like exposing children to porn,” said Christal Ordonez from Naples.

This stunt had quite the audience. Lots of children were present. We spoke with a young mother who wanted to remain anonymous.

She noticed everyone around her on the beach stopping and staring up at the pier.

The mother looked up in disbelief at the young couple having sex in plain view of everyone, and she looked down to discover her own young children staring at the couple having sex.

“When you have minors that are watching, and if any parts of their [the couple’s] private areas have been exposed, I think that’s when you’re looking at felonies and more concerning charges,” said Scot Goldberg, managing attorney at Goldberg Noone Abraham.

So far, the two are only facing charges for trespassing and disturbing the peace. Razo is also facing a resisting charge for trying to get away.

Goldberg said the State Attorney’s Office will examine this case more thoroughly, and those charges could be upgraded or new charges could be filed.

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