Unlocking the secrets to super-aging

Reporter: Amy Oshier
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Most people’s goal is to live long and in good health. Experts say it is possible to do both. In fact, more people are living at an advanced age with a good quality of life than ever before.

Dr. Amber Reale has her finger on the pulse of aging.

“People are living longer and longer and longer. We have much more people now that are 100 and above in the U.S. and that number is actually estimated to triple by 2054,” Reale said.

A neuropsychologist with Lee Health, she looks at the difference-makers that help people grow old successfully.

“Such as diet, exercise, staying mentally active, socially active, all of those factors contribute to what’s called successful aging,” Reale said.

Genetics plays a role, too, and that’s an area we can’t change, but research shows we can have great influence over other aspects. Like exercising the body, people can exercise their brain and keep it in good shape.

Games, puzzles and activities that force you to adapt and think are a good source of stimulation. There are lots of options that don’t require a partner either. One of the best activities is free and hits several. Reale recommends going on a walk with a friend.

Diet, specifically ones that are plant-based with lots of vegetables, fruits and nuts, are connected to aging well.

Medical advancements help in the physical sense for people to achieve a longer life.

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