Locals brave Hurricane Beryl while on vacation in Jamaica

Reporter: Justin Kase Writer: Elyssa Morataya
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When Hurricane Ian hit almost two years ago, Astrid Shover and her family rode out the storm in their Cape Coral home. Now, her family is on vacation in Jamaica, along with reminders of storm season.

“We are on the western part of the island from the last report, which said that we’ll probably get to the outer bands and that Jamaica is not going to be a direct state,” said Shover. “They boarded everything up. The patio furniture was brought in as well. All of the things that were loose on the resort.”

Although her family is at a resort on the western end of the island, these graphics show just how close the storm is!

“This morning, I was at the beach, my toes were in the water, the sun was out, you know, you wouldn’t have thought that a category four hurricane, That was once a five, was coming in this way. So you can see the way, way behind me. It’s starting to pick up definitely.” said Shover.

WINK News also spoke with southwest Floridians who have family there.

Andrew Henry is a local restaurant owner who grew up in Jamaica.

He says the biggest worry for him is how fragile the communication networks are on the island.

Whatever time there is a storm or hurricane, or heavy rain or so forth.” said Henry, “Signals are pretty low there. So we have to wait and feel feel until everything’s going about too because everyone pretty much trying to push in try to call try to see everyone okay, so everything is pretty much a little bit in and out.

Shover and her family tried leaving before the storm, but told WINK News, flights were booked up. So now, the family is trusting they’ll be safe staying at their resort.

“We’re just praying that it’s going to be a fast-moving storm,” said Shover.

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