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SWFL church leaders prepared to promote safety amid COVID-19 case surge

Churches are moving services online, as they start to see coronavirus cases rise in their community. Churches we spoke to Wednesday are taking precautions to keep people safe, and if they have to temporarily revert back to online services, several church leaders told us they have the experience necessary to make that transition back online. […]

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Community helps rebuild after Cape Coral church is vandalized

A church was vandalized and caused more than $1,000 in damage. The basketball hoop that kids used to play with shattered and vulgar words were spray-painted in the parking lot. This happened in the past week at Water’s Edge Church in Cape Coral. Chruch members were saddened to see the damage but the community stepped […]

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Plans for new church in Golden Gate Estates getting pushback

People living in Golden Gate Estates are unhappy about plans for a new church but they say it has nothing to do with the church itself. Those who live in the estates are fans of the quiet life. “People really do like to have their land, no one bother them or tell them what to […]

Video shows plane was very close to homes before crash in Port LaBelle

The passenger of a small airplane survived a crash in Port LaBelle recently. The plane crashed right in front of a community church. It flew low over a neighborhood and then crashed into a tree on the house of worship’s property. The passenger was able to share a lot with investigators about the minutes leading […]


Volunteers gather to rebuild Morningstar Baptist Church’s playground

Dozens of volunteers got together on Saturday to bring a playground back to life for one church community. There were weeds in the ground, a crooked basketball hoop and busted swings. This playground has not been used in years and has seen better days. But, with new paint, the place could begin to improve. The […]

Some neighbors against proposed church near homes in Golden Gate Estates

There is a proposal to build a church in a Golden Gate Estates neighborhood that is causing controversy among community members. If approved, the church would be located at the corner of 8th Street NE and 22nd Avenue NE. We spoke with an engineering firm that told us the church is currently renting, and it […]


Community forced to start over after demolition of Morningstar Baptist Church

A community has been forced to start over after a fire left this sacred place in ruins. Monday marked a tough goodbye for the faithful of the Morningstar Baptist Church. But this demolition certainly isn’t the end for this church. Of course, nobody wants to watch their church crumble. Tony Moxley is a member of […]

Easter services return to Southwest Florida

Southwest Florida churches are hosting Easter Sunday services spanning from indoor to outdoor and even virtually as the pandemic continues. Those who celebrate Easter reflect on how Jesus defeated death. It’s a story of victory and hope, and it’s hard to ignore the parallel there when you think about the fact that last Easter, churches […]


Historic Black church in Orange Park destroyed by fire

A historic Black church in Orange Park has been destroyed by fire. The Orange Park Fire Department responded around 11 pm Thursday to St. Simon’s Church on Miller Street. The building was vacant, and no injuries were reported. The fire was fully involved by the time crews responded to the scene. The State Fire Marshal […]