Is there a science to shopping?

Author: CBS News
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Have you ever seen an item, and immediately wanted to buy it?

Now, retailers are using scientists to try to figure out what makes shoppers have that buying impulse!

“You would be surprised how many companies are using it,” said Dr. Carl Marci, Innerscope Research.

With a special camera connected to a pair of glasses, and sensors placed on fingers, scientists are able to track every eye movement and electricity in your skin.

“What we are collecting here, are things we are not very good at articulating with words,” said Marci.

It’s called consumer neuroscience. Companies are hiring people like Dr. Marci to get valuable shopper intel.

“We are very much getting inside people’s heads.”

In the seconds before we knowingly decide what to buy, our brains react — and we don’t even realize it. With the right tools, scientists can tap into those few seconds of subconscious.

“There is no buy button in the brain, and we are not talking about manipulation. We are talking about using tools to help create a better retail experience.”

Like moving a sale sign from the ceiling to eye level, deciding which outfits to put on the mannequin, or placing marked down items next to the full price rack.

Neuroscience could be the new norm.

“As the digital world is taking off more competition in traditional brick and mortar stores they have to do something to compete.”

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