Man tells police God told him to vandalize costume store

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CAPE CORAL, Fla.- New video shows yet another attack on a local business Tuesday morning.

In the video, you can see a man tearing off the sign outside the Red Headed Witches costume shop on Del Prado Boulevard.

Andre Yokers, 42, is now in custody. He’s believed to be behind a series of attacks against the business over the past few weeks.

What was once thought to be a group of mischievous teenagers, now shown to be a grown man working alone.

Perhaps more shocking is what store owner Jennifer Duvall says the man told police after he was finally caught.

“He did not deny doing it, he admitted that he did it and said that he has a problem with witches and God told him to do it and he was doing God’s work,” said Duvall.

Surveillance video shows the man walk up and tear down the sign in front of the costume store around 8 a.m. Tuesday morning.

He then walks to the front, rips a sign off the wall, and walks off, but not before stopping to tear the word “witches” from signs in front, and on the side of the building.

A witness called 911 and the man was arrested shortly after.

Police identified the man as Yokers.

Duvall is convinced it’s the same man caught on camera destroying the sign just five days earlier, and the same person who threw a brick through the sign three days before that.

“Clearly there’s some mental issues at work there,” said Duvall, “and the fact that he saying that God was telling him to do it is more disturbing than anything else.”

Yokers is currently in the Lee County Jail, facing four felony charges.

“Anyone and everyone who knows Crissy and myself know that we’re the most loving, caring, giving young ladies. We’re not really witches, although we never hex and tell,” said Duvall.

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