Controversy continues for proposed auto yard in Fort Myers

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FORT MYERS, Fla.- Neighbors say a proposed auto parts yard near Metro Parkway and Hanson Street could turn their Fort Myers community into junk city.

Thursday night, a special hearing was set up at Harborside Event Center so City Council could hear the public’s input on the issue, but the meeting was postponed at the last minute because city staff did not properly notify the public of the meeting.

“I am a little concerned about our staff not being able to do the public notice correctly and kind of causing a fumble,” said Councilman Michael Flanders.

“Major setback. I have a large investment, paying taxes, have this piece of property I am not able to use,” said Garden Street Iron and Metal Recycling Center owner Robert Weber.

Weber also owns a plot of land off Hanson Street and Walpear Street. Weber wants to build a brand new self-service auto parts yard on the property.

“You hear a lot of people saying on the news that if I am allowed to expand, then all the junk yards can expand; well that is not true,” said Weber.

Willie Green, heading the group against the development, tells WINK News this new auto yard would hinder the cities image.

“It will open the flood gate and will have more junk yards in the city of Fort Myers,” said Green.

Weber tells WINK News a nice concrete wall would be built around the property, nothing would be taller than 8 feet and it would not be seen from the road.

The Fort Myers City Council will meet on April 20 to discuss how to properly advertise another public hearing for this issue.

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