Looking online to save money can end up costing you

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Looking online for a good deal can save you money, but if the deal is too good to be true, you should be cautious!

Recently Tim Wenzlawsh, an avid gun collector, found a gun he wanted online and for 20 percent less than the going rate. He contacted the seller and sent a money order for $1,000 but he never received his gun.

It turns out the seller was scamming dozens of people. He would setup an account, sell an item, then after receiving the money, he would close the account but he would never send the merchandise.

“He would get about $10,000 and so many victims, then it would get shut down… then he would recreate a new [account],” explained postal inspector Alexandra Papageorge.

For Tim Wenzlawsh, he thought he was buying from a legitimate dealer because he said, “this guy knew his firearms… he knew what made them collectibles.”

Postal inspectors say if you send a money order, require a signature from the recipient. That way you can track down the person, if you need to.

As for the man who was scamming customers, he pleaded guilty to one count of mail fraud.

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