“Worst street in Fort Myers:” Davis Court’s oldest resident has advice for Fort Myers shooters

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FORT MYERS, Fla.- It’s being called, one of the worst streets in Fort Myers following recent shootings. Now Davis Court’s oldest resident has some advice for turning his street back around.

Will Davis has lived on Davis Court for 50 years.

Davis just celebrated his 92nd birthday on Wednesday. His wake up call that day was the sound of bullets.

“Hit the wall, then boom.” It’s a sound Davis says he’s used to hearing. “I wasn’t scared.”

A bullet is now lodged in his wall, right next to the spot he watches TV almost every day.

The spray of bullets was meant for 43-year-old Anthony Williams, the seventh person injured in Wednesday’s shooting spree across the city.

Seven people were injured in four shootings on Wednesday, two of them happened on the 2100 block of Davis Court. Williams was shot in the head in front of Davis’ house.

Despite the violence, Will Davis says he is not going anywhere, saying they “can’t scare him.” It’s a home he shared with his late wife.

Davis raised eight kids in that same home, including his sons Christopher and Raymond.

“It was a great place. Every house had two parents and every parents watched the other people children,” said Christopher Davis.

Christopher’s brother, Raymond Davis is now a pastor in Fort Myers. Raymond calls the shootings “acts of terrorism,” and the shooters “terrorists.”

Both brothers share very passionate opinions as to why the neighborhood has gone downhill.

“Today, if you say something to someone’s kid, you have to fight the parent,” said Raymond.

Christopher adds, “Can not blame the problem on the neighborhood. That’s no excuse. You can get the education. You got the same right to go to school and learn, it’s up to you.”
“Well he come from a broken home, don’t know who his dad is, you know who you are. Your life is yours, you make conscious choice, this is what I want for me. People need discipline. Parents today are not parents,” said Raymond.
Christopher agreed, “I think a lot of reason are, the parents are scared of the kids. To this day, if my grand kid wrong, or daughter wrong, I let them know that,” said Christopher.
5:10 If you do wrong, I’ll whup you. If you do good, I praise you.
25:33 I don’t care about the race, where you live. It’s up to you to stand up and do what you got to do right.

In the last six months, there have been 114 calls of service for police to the street. Fort Myers police say a large majority of those calls were from officers to dispatch, asking for backup, or letting the station know they would be patrolling the area.

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