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In today’s fitness-conscious society there seems to be a workout regimen or class for every muscle in the body. Now, face fitness is gaining popularity, promising to tone the under-eye area, lift the forehead, and soften lines, all without botox or other injections.

Believe it or not, Gillian Horsham is exercising.

“I believe in facial exercises, as part of my ritual as far as body and brain exercise,” she explained.

Facial fitness is gaining popularity, as people continue to fight the aging process. The exercises can range from specialized massages you can do at home, to procedures involving gadgets designed to manipulate the face. Gillian goes to her local spa to “work it out.”

“The tapping or thumping really helps to build the muscles,” she said.

Jane Goldberg is a licensed psychologist and the owner of a spa and wellness center. She says it is important to tone your total body.

“Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it is an ideal organ actually for the absorption of nutrients, as well as the release of toxins,” said Goldberg.

She uses various devices to enhance the facial exercise experience, including a magnetic treatment.

“You just can’t get exercise with your hands that’s as vigorous as this machine can get,” Goldberg demonstrated.

“In terms of looking at the elasticity– it’s promoting a healthier feeling in my skin. Just in terms of it doesn’t feel like it’s sagging,” said Gillian.

But are these exercises really effective? Marie Jhin is a board certified dermatologist, and member of the American Academy of Dermatology.

“There’s no scientific data proving that these exercises work, but I don’t see anything wrong with doing them, as long as you’re using the right muscles. If you, obviously,  frown as part of your exercise that may create wrinkles you don’t want,” she pointed out.

Doctor Jhin adds people should always do their research when choosing a spa.

“It’s super important you get someone who’s done this many times, and who’s been properly trained,” she said.

Gillian said she will continue doing facial exercises.

“What I love about this, it’s helping to enhance, not trying to change me,” she said.

Doctor Jhin says your diet also has a significant impact on skin health. Some of the best foods to eat are strawberries, sardines, tomatoes, and olive oil.

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