Fitness Friday: Leap Day Challenge

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Set a Goal. Decide what you want to be good at doing. The more specific you are about what you want to become good at doing, the easier it is for you to train for success. It doesn’t even have to be the “best” decision. Choose something that you want to become good at doing and start moving in that direction. There will be plenty of time for adjustments and optimization.

Assess Your Fitness Level. You probably have some idea of how fit (or unfit) you are. But assessing and recording baseline fitness levels can give you benchmarks against which to measure your progress. Log your weight, take some photos from the front and side, and take measurements of your waist. You could do a self-assessment in just a few minutes.

*Don’t Freak out. No one likes his or her Day 1 photos or measurements. But, by capturing all of the basic information (how much you weigh, how big your waist is, what you look like shirtless or in a bikini), you’ll establish a starting place.

Get the Idea, not the Details. When you’re starting a new workout routine, the thing that matters is getting started. Get the main idea, stick to the schedule, and the details will begin to fall into place. In the beginning the real goal is to make it as simple as possible. This is where most people give up and never get going with their new routine.

*Don’t Stress the Details. Should I do 3 sets of 10 reps, 5 sets or 6 reps? Should rest for 30 seconds or 1 minute? The truth is the details don’t matter AS MUCH in the beginning. You’ll have plenty of time to figure out technique, rest periods, volume, etc. When it comes to fitness there is unfortunately no “one thing” that works for everyone.

Go Slow. Most of the time when we decide to start a new workout routine it’s because we’re motivated. Remember, the goal is to get in the habit of doing the workouts and in the beginning, you want the workouts to be easy. This is true for the first 3 or 4 weeks. Your only goal is to stick to the schedule and build the capacity to do the workout. Performance doesn’t matter. It seems like this is the exact opposite of what most people do. The typical approach is to go from sitting on your couch to doing P90X for six days every week. With a switch like that, it’s no wonder that most people give up after a week.


More TIPS for beginning your New Workout Routine

Do: Eat for the body you want – not the one you have
Don’t: Cut out all of your favorite foods. If you really want to be miserable and set yourself up for failure, cut out everything you like to eat. If your diet is really bad, a lot of stuff you like might have to go. Soda, fried food, super sugary coffee drinks…Think of this new journey like you’re training for the body you’ve always wanted. So feed that body with the food it needs. Lean proteins, complex carbs, and lots of nutrient-packed vegetables.


Do: Expect to be a little hungry and maybe a little grumpy in the beginning.
Don’t: Fall back into old bad habits. No matter what change you’re making – whether it’s a new fitness routine or a cross-country move – there are bound to be growing pains. Change is uncomfortable. Prepare to feel a little out of sorts – you might be hungry, you might feel sore, you might be a little grumpy in response – and it’s more likely you’ll have an easier transition into your new lifestyle.

Do: Get back on program if you fall off.
Don’t: Don’t beat yourself up, feel like you’ve failed, or wait until the next day/week/month to start over. No one is perfect. Not me, not you, and not our trainers. Everyone has an unhealthy meal sometimes or misses a workout. Don’t let that define your day, your week, or your month. Just get right back on track. You’re on a journey and along the way, there are going to be a few misses. If you pick yourself right back up and keep going, you’ll get there.

Do: Share what you’re doing and find people who will keep you accountable
Don’t: Listen to the haters. If you share what you’re doing with those around you, there’s a greater likelihood you’ll succeed because you’re creating a social support system that you’re accountable to. There might be people who pooh-pooh your journey, but ignore them. They have their reasons for doing so (usually the reasons stem from jealousy or fear), so just stay positive and reach out to your support system when you need help.

Mike’s “LEAP YEAR” Fitness Challenge

The number one excuse I hear for not working out is “no time” so for those who complain that they never have extra time or can’t find the time to do healthy things for themselves, I’d like to point out the additional 24 hours added this Monday February 29th, 2016. My fitness challenge to everyone out there is to try at least one thing on the 29th that you wouldn’t ordinarily do, or seize the EXTRA day to get started on your routine. I’ll give any local Wink Viewer a FREE week membership if they call me on Monday. I’ll even have one of my certified staff do your initial assessment.

Call MIKE at FYZICAL FITNESS @ 239-561-1177

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