Love Inspired by Mom


FORT MYERS, Fla. – Norman Love is celebrating moms this Mother’s Day with the 2016 Mother’s Day collection, called “Love Inspired by Mom.”

Made up of ten hand made chocolates, Love asked his customers through a social media campaign. To nominate their mothers and share a story or memory from their childhood, choosing the top 10 and turning them into chocolates.

Hundreds applied from all over the Untied Sates and the following ten were chosen and named, after the mothers who were nominated.

The 2016 Mother’s Day Flavors include:

Mary’s Lovely Toffee Coffee
Milk Chocolate

For the Mom who loves the simple things in life, a perfect pairing of golden buttery toffee and fresh roasted coffee, mixed with milk chocolate.

Stasha’s Homemade Lemon Raspberry
White Chocolate

A beautiful combination of fresh lemon and raspberry in white chocolate from a mom that puts her love into everything she makes, inspiring those around her.

Lois’s Raspberry and Almond Cream Treat
White Chocolate

Childhood memories of freshly baked pastry, enjoyed on the way to school, with rich almond cream and raspberry jam finished with white chocolate.

Bonnie’s Cruise Crème Brulee
Dark Chocolate

Perfectly prepared vanilla custard with golden caramel to celebrate the end of every perfect day of happiness with a sister who raised her sibling like a mom.

Esther’s Favorite Coconut Pineapple
Dark Chocolate

Slow-cooked caramelized pineapple and creamy coconut in a dark chocolate shell, making the time to enjoy your mom’s favorite flavors with her that much sweeter.

Vivian’s Famous Rum Cake
Dark Chocolate

Holidays full of laughter, love and Mom’s famous cake with dark chocolate and a touch of dark rum are truly a reason to celebrate.

Helen’s Louisiana Pecan Praline
Milk Chocolate

Sweet family memories of Louisiana inspired this confection of candied spiced pecan praline paired with milk chocolate.

Trichelle’s Fiery Mango
White Chocolate

Ripe tropical mangos with some added fire, inspired by a Mom who put spice and adventure into her kids’ lives, making lasting memories full of Puerto Rican flavor.

Gina’s Do-it-all Double Shot Espresso
Dark Chocolate

For a homeschooling mother and wife, an extra shot of espresso is always welcomed, inspiring this slow-cooked vanilla caramel is deglazed with an espresso-steeped cream and finished in dark chocolate.

Patricia’s Peanut Butter Marshmallow
Milk Chocolate

Creamy peanut butter and fluffy marshmallow in milk chocolate captures childhood memories of family lunches full of laughter, joking and even food fights.  

The Norman Love Mother’s Day collection along with other Norman Love Confections can be purchased by clicking here, or in person at one of three Southwest Florida locations.

In Fort Myers: 11380 Lindbergh Blvd.

In Estero at Miromar Outlets: 10801 Corkscrew Rd. Suite S-516

In Naples: 3747 Tamiami Trail North.


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