Hall of Fame scout on Tebow’s MLB dreams

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Tebow was an All-State selection in high school, but hasn’t played baseball since.

Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow has set his sights on Major League Baseball.

The former Heisman trophy winner announced that he’s having an open workout for all MLB teams at the end of the month, in hopes of signing with a professional baseball team.

Tom Kotchman is currently a hall-of-fame scout for the Boston Red Sox. Kotchman was scouting talent at a University of Florida baseball game when Tim Tebow was there to throw the first pitch.

“What you saw that night was two things: the competitor and you saw the makeup,” said Kotchman.

“(Tebow) actually threw a wild pitch, and he made the catcher go get it, and throw it back to him, because he didn’t want to end on that note,” said Kotchman.

“And then, he just threw a bullet for a strike right down the middle.”

Kotchman, who signed major-league caliber players like Howie Kendrick, said back then, he wanted to sign Tebow as a pitcher.

“Get the rights to him at least. Being that he’s left-handed, being that he’s 6’4″ – let’s draft this guy with our last pick. That ended up not happening, though.”
That night, Kotchman left a draft questionnaire for Tebow to fill out. In order for an MLB team to draft a player, they need to have a certain player card filled out and on file.

Tebow never returned the player card. So the Red Sox couldn’t draft him.

Fast forward almost ten years later, and Kotchman says he still thinks Tebow has potential.

When asked if the Red Sox would be interested, Kotchman said it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility.

“He’s left-handed, he has size, but it’s not that simple. You have to get in baseball shape, pitching shape. It wouldn’t surprise me if he had a workout with somebody.”

Tebow will be 29 years old this Sunday. Kotchman said because of Tebow’s age, and the general difficulty of hitting in the major leagues, Tebow’s easiest route to the majors would be as a pitcher.

“It’s a lot harder to hit than it is to pitch. That’s what I would be interested in seeing him do.”

Kotchman added that the road to the majors certainly isn’t easy, but if anyone could do it, it would be Tebow.

“I would not bet against Tim Tebow. Ever.”




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