Therese’s Baby on Board: Reporting for two

Reporter: Therese O'Shea
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Therese and her husband Brian show off an ultrasound picture of their son. Therese announced her pregnancy on WINK News This Morning in August.

It’s Wednesday morning and I’m taking a minute to sit and have some breakfast at my desk in the newsroom.

It’s a rare moment of solace between building maps at my traffic computer, running to the chroma key to provide updates on the latest accidents, recording radio updates and squeezing in some preparation for our nine a.m. show.

I would normally keep running through the chaos, but after yesterday’s monthly check-up with my doctor, I’m putting my hunger first today. Yesterday’s appointment reminded me that I’m not just running around on my own anymore, nor am I fueling my body for my own sake — I’m running, fueling, and reporting for two.

I’m reminded even more so by the flutters coming from near my lower abdomen that my quick Cheerios break is not only making me feel a little better about running around all morning, but also making my little one happy. He’s been growing for 20 weeks now, and I can’t believe I only have another 20 weeks to go before my husband and I get to meet the little man who will forever rock our world and change our lives for the better.

It’s a crazy concept — bringing another life into the world — especially when paralleled with the excitement of being newlyweds. I guess we’re not doing things much differently than how our grandparents did just two generations ago. Both of my parents were “honeymoon babies,” as they’re called — born almost nine months to the day after my grandparents’ respective weddings. I’ll get into the difference between *their* claim to “honeymoon babies” and ours next week. Regardless, our due date is exactly nine months and eight days after the day we said “I do!” Needless to say, it’s been a fun-filled and certainly educational first few months of marriage, tackling first trimester sickness, watching my body change and grow with the baby, and trying to get our condo in order before our bundle of joy arrives in late January.

Here we are now, halfway to our due date, and my husband and I couldn’t be more excited to meet our little boy. Just last week he said to me, “Wow! The first half really flew by!” With a roll of my eyes and a sarcastic smile, I responded, “Maybe for you!” Isn’t that always the case though? Pregnancy looks VERY different depending on your perspective — especially from husband to wife.

I’ve found myself reminding him several times over the past few months that he doesn’t have to sacrifice nearly as much as I do through these nine months. Depending on the day, it’s usually because I’m struggling with a new curve in my body, the irritation of getting poked and prodded for a monthly blood test, or the nausea that’s crept back up on me over the past few weeks. I will say, I’m VERY lucky to have a compassionate, loving partner in my husband, doing the best he can to lend a hand, an ear or a shoulder throughout my pregnancy woes. But let’s face it — men will NEVER fully understand what it is we go through as women to bring new life into our families. Still, it’s a choice I wouldn’t trade for the world, I’d make the same decision to get pregnant a million times over (okay, maybe more like two more times…MAX!).

One thing I’m incredibly thankful for as I begin to build a family is that I’m doing it here in Southwest Florida. My husband and I are so lucky to have his family in town, no more than 10 minutes away from our humble home. I know I’ll be even more thankful when the time comes to bring baby boy home from the hospital. Luckily, my parents are a short less-than three-hour plane ride away in New Jersey, and I know they’re looking forward to meeting their first grandchild four and a half months from now.

I’m just as grateful to be building my family here because of what the past three-plus years of living in Southwest Florida have taught me. I never thought I would begin to put down roots here when I moved from Colorado. I figured this was another stepping stone in my broadcasting career. Low and behold, it didn’t take long for me to see why everyone loves it here, and why so many visitors become “snowbirds” and even more “snowbirds” become permanent residents. With family-friendly communities, top-rated schools and gorgeous landscapes, Southwest Florida has quickly become the place my husband and I envision our future…and even more so, our own family.

I’m sharing my pregnancy story with you at home so that we can learn from each other over the next few months. I’m inspired by those of you who, like myself, have come from all over the country to finally settle down in Southwest Florida…be it Fort Myers, Naples, Port Charlotte, wherever. I know I’m not going through anything that most of you haven’t seen already…pregnancy, the birth of a child, and the daily joys and struggles of raising a family while working full-time. My story won’t be anything original, but hopefully one you can see yourself having gone through as well. The only difference is, I’m starting my journey to motherhood in high definition, five days a week in your living room! That certainly presents it’s own series of challenges…but we’ll get through it together.

Thank you in advance for joining me along this journey, and for welcoming me — and my growing bump — into your homes for your daily traffic and news updates. With a baby on board, it’s sure to be a bumpy ride, but the most exciting one yet!

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