Naples attorney accused of pleasuring himself on woman following assault

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NAPLES, Fla. – Aroused by a physical confrontation between a woman and his ex-girlfriend, a Naples attorney is facing criminal charges for allegedly pleasuring himself on the woman following the assault, then preventing her from reporting it.

Jon Douglass Parrish, 53, is facing charges of false imprisonment, tampering with a witness, victim or informant, and domestic violence battery. Parrish, a managing partner with Parrish, White & Yarnell, was released after posting a $12,500 bond. He is scheduled for arraignment on Feb. 6.

Parrish faced aggravated child abuse and false imprisonment charges in 2010 for using zip ties to bind his then 15-year-old daughter’s hands and ankles after becoming frustrated with her behavior. An investigation by the state Department of Children and Families determined the incident was child abuse, according to news reports.

Attacked at home

The woman, who is not being identified because she’s a victim of alleged domestic violence, was receiving “hateful, harassing and sometimes threatening” text messages from Natalie V. Peysina, Parrish’s ex-girlfriend and business partner, for over a year, according to a court affidavit.

The woman, who was dating Parrish, was often referred to as “prostitute,” “cockroach,” “freak” and “BDSM mistress” in the messages, the document said.

Parrish and the woman were lying in bed on Nov. 20, 2016 when Peysina entered the home unannounced and went to the bedroom.

“The victim said Peysina was able to maneuver the victim to where she was mostly face down during the attack, with Peysina sitting on her legs to restrain them, then holding the victim’s hands behind her back while she was being punched and kneed about the head, face and body,” the affidavit said.

The woman screamed for help, but Parrish just stood in the doorway, the affidavit said.

“The victim said Peysina choked her out and she lost consciousness more than once, while Peysina told the victim in Russian that she was going to kill the victim,” the affidavit said.

Peysina is Russian. The victim is Ukrainian. Both speak and understand Russian.

The attack lasted about an hour, the document said.

An indecent finish

Once regaining consciousness, the victim asked Parrish why he didn’t stop the assault.

“Parrish told the victim that it wasn’t that bad, she just had a few bruises,” the document said.

She complained of head pain and wanted to go to a hospital. He refused to take her.

She wanted to report the incident, but Parrish advised against it, saying “it will get worse for you” and that she was safe, the document said.

The woman left the bed, but Parrish urged her back.

“Parrish held her close in comfort, she believed at the time, to comfort her because she was shivering and scared from what just happened,” the affidavit said. “Parrish was very sexually excited and tried to have sex with the victim. She told Parrish he was out of his mind to think they were going to have sex. Parrish then masturbated next to the victim.”

He finished himself on the woman, the document said.

Freed by a cup of Starbucks

The next day, the woman sent Peysina’s text messages and photos of her injuries to authorities through the Collier County Sheriff’s Office website.

“The photos clearly depict the bruising and abrasions on her face and neck, and there is clearly redness and bruising on her neck consistent with her account of the attack and being choked,” the affidavit said.

Parrish kept close watch of the woman through surveillance cameras installed throughout their home, the document said.

“The victim believed she was not free to go to the police the day after the incident, and suspect Parrish made it a point to keep control of the victim throughout the day, even driving her around with him from around [9:30 a.m.] until around [3 p.m.],” the affidavit said.

The woman was able to escape by telling Parrish she wanted a cup of coffee from Starbucks.

She went straight to the sheriff’s office.

When deputies arrived at Peysina’s home to arrest her two days later, they found her watching television in the living room with Parrish, the document said.

Parrish tried to pull her back into the house as she was being arrested, then identified himself as her attorney, the affidavit said.

A search on the sheriff’s office website shows Peysina, 36, faced charges of robbery and grand theft, but not assault.

His ‘protector’

The victim, who has business interests with Parrish, continued to meet with him in public places.

One day she asked why Peysina was at their home on the night of the attack.

The pair had an arrangement, he said. If he didn’t respond to her when he and the victim argued, she would show up to “protect and defend him”.

“The victim [thought] this explanation [was] implausible given the fact that Parrish is about [6 feet, 2 inches] tall and weighs approximately 220 pounds, whereas Peysina, his protector, is [5 feet, 1 inch tall] and weighs about 105 pounds,” the affidavit said.

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