SWFL reacts to prospect of permanent Daylight Saving Time

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The Sunshine State could soon live up to its name with the passing of a permanent daylight saving bill.

The legislation would allow Florida to stay on daylight saving time. It was passed by the House and the Senate, and if it’s signed by Gov. Rick Scott, it would need to be approved by Congress.

Charles Carter, of Fort Myers, said he found a variety of benefits associated with this bill.

“(You’d) be able to enjoy more time with your families on the boat, longer time in the daytime (and) in the evening,” Carter said.

Some people, like Fort Myers resident James Bassallo, would only mind the time change temporarily.

“(It) doesn’t really affect you that much,” Bassallo said. “It only affects you first day or two after the change of time.”

Carter, a roofing contractor and owner of Sailtight Roofing, said he loved the idea to allow his company more time to work in the sunlight, but others have apprehensions with energy costs and student safety.

“I wouldn’t want my kids walking in the dark to school,” Bassallo said.

Others, like Paula Barnhart, who is visiting Southwest Florida, said she doesn’t see the point.

“I think it’s silly to change the time,” Barnhart said. “It’s natural.

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