Tarps still cover some SWFL homes as storms brew in the Atlantic

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Now that Hurricane Beryl is on the radar, hurricane season is making many SWFL residents nervous about their leaky roofs.

Golden Gate Estates neighbor Heather Hilton says she had to put a tarp on her roof four different times, but clearly, it still isn’t prepared for another major storm.

For Hilton and many others, when it rains, it pours—literally.

“Every time it rains, it leaks a little more inside,” Hilton said.

She says she’s been waiting on her insurance company to fix her roof since Hurricane Irma struck the area. In the meantime, she’s tried to make the blue tarps work until she can get a permanent fix.

“Because of the sun here, it just disintegrates the tarps. The sun just eats through them and they shred and then they blow off. They don’t last,” Hilton said.

With the added worry about storms forming in the Atlantic, Hilton has additional concerns.

“A little nervous, I’m a little bit nervous,” she said.

Down the street from Hilton, neighbor Ron Lussier says he’s been waiting just as long for repairs after Hurricane Irma ripped off several tiles from his roof.

Fortunately for Lussier, he’s getting his roof repaired soon. But even for Lussier, the brewing storms are a little concerning. One storm can make a huge difference and cause a lot of damage.

“It’s all it takes. This is my third hurricane in 15 years but this one was the worst,” Lussier said.

Hilton says it could be another year before she settles with her insurance company.

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