Potential Gateway apartment complex causes controversy for area residents

Reporter: Anika Henanger
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Adjacent to a bustling 7-Eleven gas station, lies a grassy lot of wetlands in the Gateway community.

Resident Sharid Raldris is hoping it stays that way.

“Everything is overloaded,” Raldris said. “You put 300 apartments in here, its just gonna get worse.”

The housing he’s talking about is only in the planning stages. The developers plan to call it, Boardwalk at Gateway, according to Lee County officials.

“I mean honestly I’m telling you I really think the gateway has sort of exceeded what they planned for with the infrastructure already,” Raldiris said.

The proposed size of the new complex is why Lee County is now requiring the developer to apply for re-zoning. If the developer hopes to build more than 183 units, it will go to a public hearing.

One of the biggest concerns area residents have is the traffic.

“The views were very polarized you know there are people like absolutely not, it will be a disaster, there is a security issues, etc. etc.,” Raldiris said. “And there are other people like, eh, who cares it’s down the street from me. It doesn’t really matter to me.”

Another concern people like Forrest Bailey have is what will happen if the wetlands are filled in to build the new complex?

“I’ve seen it done before and its not good it’s going to cause flooding to the surrounding neighborhoods,” Bailey said.

As of right now, the ball is in the developer’s court. Lee County says they have not yet submitted an application for a public hearing.

For more information, visit Lee County’s website.

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