Doctors see increase in hand, foot, and mouth disease

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A disease is going around Southwest Florida right now and it is mostly contracted by kids under the age of 7.

Doctors say a disease called hand,foot, and mouth disease usually ramps up around this time of the year.

Although it is usually contracted by young kids, it can also affect adults.

“We’ve actually had several MLB players out this season because of hand, foot, and mouth, and there’s really only one way to prevent it, by washing your hands,” said Dr. David Butler, who is a Pediatrician.

Caitlin Garcia has a 3-year old who she says escaped the disease that’s going around thus far.

“His friends in daycare have, and I’m lucky that he hasn’t gotten it,” said Garcia.

She says, if her kid were to contract the disease, which causes a rash on the hands and feet, could really affect her family.

“I mean, I have to work. He goes to daycare. My husband works.”

Dr. Butler says that the young age is the hardest age for a person to go through hand, mouth, and foot disease.

“Under seven is the hardest age to do this. They either don’t want to do it, they forget, or they’re too busy playing. They constantly have their hands in their mouth,” Dr. Butler said.

This is a problem that Garcia thinks about constantly.

But Dr. Butler says if your child does contract it, it should last 7 days or less, and to give them medicine for fever, plenty of fluids to stay hydrated, and plenty of rest.





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